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SHAOLIN GRANDMASTER KILLER is a selfpublished seinen manga/comic book series about the life of Gu, an old evil white browed kung fu master living in a post-apocalyptic fantasy world inhabited by monsters, aliens, robots, kaiju and all kind of creatures. As the series progresses we find out how and why he has become a monster in human form.

This is a homage to the martial arts movies of the 70s, but with a manga/anime twist. There will be lots of martial arts, crazy kung fu styles and ultimate techniques of mass destruction! If you are a fan of „Dragon Ball Z“, „Ninja Scroll“, „Fist of the North Star“, kaiju movies, martial arts movies and gory 80s/90s anime, then this comic book series will please you.

SHAOLIN GRANDMASTER KILLER #1 (2nd edition) is available in my shop!