THOMAS SLUZALEK (b.1982) is a german artist/designer living and working in Mannheim, Germany. He has been working in selfpublished comics since 1999, but has also done a number of other projects, including design and animation. He is a state-approved graphic designer and has a bachelor of arts degree in media design with a strong focus on 2D animation.

So far his comic work includes SHAOLIN GRANDMASTER KILLER, WEAPON MASTER, ÜBERMENSCH, FANTASY ADVENTURES, short stories in JAZAM #5 & #7 and in DETECTIVE HEADACHE: BLACK. Work on his dream project SHAOLIN GRANDMASTER KILLER, a homage to asian martial arts and kaiju cinema, began in 2008. The first printed version was a flip-comic book featuring SGK on one side and his brothers comic book DETECTIVE HEADACHE on the other. This first version was a very rough and raw draft of SGK. It took four more years to finish the book as first intended. Meanwhile he worked on different projects for clients and on some animation projects. Among those his biggest production is the 2D animated short JIGOKU NO SAMURAI, an ukiyo-e inspired nightmare of a lone samurai in hell. The project is still in development. In 2017 his one-man (self)publishing house ZTEROID PRODUCTIONS republished the first issues of Thomas Sluzalek’s two main projects SHAOLIN GRANDMASTER KILLER and WEAPON MASTER.

Currently he is working on SHAOLIN GRANDMASTER KILLER #2, the second book in the epic post-apocalyptic martial-arts/fantasy series, featuring the dramatic life story of an old misanthropic kung fu master, and also CYBER NINJA 2082, a science-fiction anthology book which celebrates the japanese cybernetic ninja hype of the 80s/90s with short stories by some of germanys most talented upcoming artists.